Brightest Bulb

Jun 2016 - present|  Co-Founder & Course Tutor

Brightest Bulb is a new company specialising in training individuals in the production of employee generated video (EGV) content.

We teach the skills required to create high quality employee generated video via our Individual Director Editor Camera-person, or iDEC®, approach to content creation.

Kane TV Partnership

Oct 2002 - present  |  Producer, Director, Editor, Cameraman

Kane TV is an independent video production and facilities company.  We specialise in creative video production that relies on solid camera work, experienced post production with sharp and effective graphics.

Optical Image Broadcast

1993 - 2002  | Senior Editor / Head of Production

In charge of a team of five editing staff working on many broadcast and corporate productions with tape based and non-linear editing systems. Producing and directing numerous live action and animated television productions including TV commercials, documentaries and 3D kids series.

Crow Film & TV

1987 - 1993  | Videotape Editor

Online editor in busy London facility using tape based suites, working on broadcast, corporate and commercial television. Credits include Bite Back, TV Hell, Mushroom Magic, The Late Show, The World this Week, Horizon, Equinox, New West



Emmy - Best Post Production

1995|  Dinosaurs - Myth & Reality

A documentary, narrated by Craig Charles, that dispelled common myths about the lives and habits of  dinosaurs.

Royal Television Society - Best DVD

2002 |  Butt Ugly Martians

While at Optical Image I produced the award winning DVD for the American animated series, Butt Ugly Martians which was post produced in our UK studio.


Not what you would call traditional

1980 - 1986  |  A-Levels in Pure  Maths, Applied Maths,  Computer Studies, Electronics

At 17 I left college to join a band in London.  After several years living in a squat, playing gigs and making films I got a job as edit assistant at Crow Film & TV.  After 11 months of teaching myself  how to use the gear I was promoted to VT editor and never looked back!


"He is not only a superb director, giving clear and concise instruction, but also a strong creative, excellent editor and accomplished organiser. I have always enjoyed working with Ralph and the work we have done together has always received high acclaim including nominations for a number of awards!"

Martin Povey - Animation Director & VFX Supervisor


Raglan House

Westminster Bank

Malvern UK

WR 14 4BN


Raglan House

Westminster Bank

Malvern UK

WR14 4BN