About Brightest Bulb

On a flight from the Middle East to London in 2015, John Dixon unpacked his new iPhone.  Reading the specifications and trying out the camera he soon realised that in his hand he had something quite extraordinary.  Soon after landing, he phoned a video editor and cameraman that he often worked with.  The talked about how amazing the video quality was and how it might be possible to use a smartphone as a professional video camera and edit suite.  Having that facility within something that could fit in a pocket was truly awe inspiring.

Soon afterwards, John imagined an individual, director, editor, camera-person who could use the power in their pocket to produce professional quality video content.  He recognised that the camera and editing capability contained in the average smartphone meant that anyone, with some basic skills training, was capable of creating broadcast standard video content on their smartphone.  The concept of iDEC® was born.

Video was rapidly becoming the most popular and effective communication channel but commissioning external production agencies to meet this demand was very expensive. The business community was searching for a cost-effective way to create affordable, regular and engaging short form video content to share with their employees and their customers, but there wasn’t any comprehensive training in this area apart from some basic online tutorials.

Identifying this gap, John evolved the principles of iDEC smartphone training and in 2017, together with co-directors Ralph Tittley and Ali Wylie, Brightest Bulb was founded and quickly established itself as the premier smartphone video training provider, enabling businesses of all sizes to create their own regular and cost-effective video content.

John Dixon from Brightest Bulb teaching the iDEC Foundation smartphone video course.Brightest Bulb - Someone editing video on their smartphone.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities that professionals engage in to develop and enhance their skills, knowledge and capabilities, throughout their careers. All of Brightest Bulb’s courses are CPD Accredited, demonstrating that they have reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.

About the Brightest Bulb team

Brightest Bulb was founded in 2017 and since then has trained over 1,600 people for business sectors as diverse as automotive, financial services and retail.  Meet the team behind the iDEC training method.

About Brightest Bulb: John Dixon, Managing Director

John Dixon

John began his working life in the theatre across the UK as a writer, director and performer. From there, he started writing for BBC radio and ITV 1 promotions, which led him into directing TV commercials and making factual programming for ITV. John has been producer, director on a wide range of productions including the series ‘Music Uncovered’ for ITV1, Keeping up with the Kids for BBC1, Wizards and Alchemists for the Discovery Channel and Life in the Fast Lane for ESPN. John has created a wide range of branded content for clients including Microsoft, Jaguar Land Rover, Abu Dhabi Tourism, IBM, Mubadala and the NHS. He has also created content for large scale exhibitions for Etisalat, Intel and Cisco at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and for Etisalat at GITEX in Dubai.

About Brightest Bulb: Ralph Tittley - Technical Director

Ralph Tittley

Ralph spent the early days of his career as online editor in a busy London facility using tape-based suites, working on broadcast, corporate and commercial television. His credits include Bite Back, TV Hell, Mushroom Magic, The Late Show, Newsnight, Horizon, Equinox, New West. He has since produced and directed numerous live-action and animated television productions including TV commercials, documentaries and 3D kids series. He has worked on programs as diverse as Gardener’s World and Most Haunted Live while corporate clients include EDF Energy, Coca-Cola and Arts Council England.  Over the years Ralph has worked on several award-winning productions, including an Emmy and an RTS On-Screen Excellence award.

About Brightest Bulb: Ali Wylie - Director of Client Services

Ali Wylie

After more than 20 years working in the design and communications industry, Ali brings a breadth of experience from her time working with a range of clients such as HSBC, English Heritage, The Financial Ombudsman, Southern Electric, Business Link and Plymouth Radiology Academy.
Ali worked as a design adviser on behalf of the Design Council, advising start-ups and SMEs on how to plan, develop and realise their design and communication requirements to help promote and grow their business.
With this background, Ali adds real value in managing client relationships and providing guidance relating to smartphone video planning and strategy.

About Brightest Bulb: Kevin Chute - Marketing Director

Kevin Chute

Over the last 20 years, Kevin has held leadership roles in global recruiters and main board positions in leading independent recruitment, training, HR services and education businesses both in the UK and Middle East.
A big believer that all of us together are stronger than any of us alone, his strength is in motivating teams, giving strategic direction and fostering relationships and partnerships that create value and stand the test of time.
Kevin’s experience and insights support the business to realise its potential and ambition, and to accelerate the company’s growth.

Meet our associates

Working alongside our core team are a group of broadcast and production industry professionals who conduct our face-to-face and online iDEC smartphone video training.  These associates have many years experience of video production and are a valuable addition to the team.

About Brightest Bulb: Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan

Danny has been working in broadcast tv and video production since the early ’90s.  During this time he has been editor, director and cameraman.

Originally a sound engineer, he moved into video editing, working freelance for many independent production companies.  He now regularly works for the BBC.

About Brightest Bulb: Ashley House
Ashley House

Ashley is a journalist and presenter. He has worked for BBC, Sky Sports, ITN, and Channel 5.

He is currently the anchor for Eurosport International’s cycling coverage, the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup.

About Brightest Bulb: Barry Eyre
Barry Eyre

Barry directs and produces for agencies, production companies and corporate clients.  He has worked as a director, producer, agency producer and executive producer.

Barry has worked with many experienced and talented artistes including Victoria Wood, Steve Coogan and Joanna Lumley.

About Brightest Bulb: Chris Baines
Chris Baines

Chris has over twenty-five years experience in broadcast television. He has directed documentaries and dramas for Intel, the NHS, Microsoft and Oxford Contemporary Dance Company.

About Brightest Bulb - smartphone video training

The skills you need to make professional video content

The iDEC method is the result of many years of collective knowledge from the ‘coalface’ of professional video production.  iDEC provides you with the skills you need to create high-quality video content on your smartphone.

  • individual – you will learn how to produce game-changing videos
  • Director – you will learn what makes up the elements of a great video
  • Editor – you will learn how to edit quality footage on your phone
  • Camera-person – capture the best content using your very own device

Proven Results

Our CPD accredited, iDEC Foundation and bespoke courses are based on years of experience, knowledge of the broadcast and communications industry and proven results.


Marketers using video get 66%
more qualified leads per year

8 out of 10

8 out of 10 people have purchased
a piece of software, technology or
app after watching a brand’s video


54% of consumers want to
see more video content from
a brand or business they
support or are part of

55% of people actively view
online video content every day

Experience That Matters

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