about us: our story

John Dixon developed the concept of iDEC® (individual, Director, Editor, Camera-person) when he recognised that the camera and editing capability contained in the average smartphone meant that anyone, with some basic skills training, was capable of creating broadcast standard video content on their smartphone.

Video was rapidly becoming the most popular and effective communication channel but commissioning external production agencies to meet this demand was very expensive. The business community was searching for a cost-effective way to create affordable, regular and engaging short form video content to share with their employees and their customers, but there wasn’t any comprehensive training in this area apart from some basic online tutorials.

Identifying this gap, John evolved the principles of iDEC® smartphone training and in 2017, together with co-directors Ralph Tittley and Ali Wylie, Brightest Bulb was founded and quickly established itself as the premier smartphone video training provider, enabling businesses of all sizes to create their own regular and cost-effective video content.