iDEC® Personal Trainer

iDEC Personal Trainer - Create video on your smartphone

iDEC Personal Trainer has been specifically tailored for the physical fitness industry.  The course is delivered as a series of thirteen videos that take the learner through all aspects of video production showing how regular, professional content can enhance your PT business.

The iDEC Personal Trainer course will teach you all about  the four pillars of iDEC which stands for individual, director, editor, camera-person.  You will learn how to use you smartphone as a camera, how to edit your videos as well as how to construct and structure your videos to tell stories.

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Video has become a business essential and having the ability to create high-quality video content will put you head and shoulders above your competitors.  But professional video production costs are notoriously high so how can any business afford to make the almost endless stream of content that is required?

Well, that’s where iDEC Personal Trainer comes in.  iDEC, or individual, director, editor, camera-person is a tried and tested training method. We have trained over 1,600 people from companies such as BMW, The Restaurant Group, Chase de Vere, Barclays and Clarins.

These iDECs now produce recurring iDEC smartphone video content for social media, for onboarding and recruitment and for customer facing comms.

And you can do the same.  Once you’ve learned iDEC smartphone video production skills you will be able to make any number of videos to boost your business and to raise your profile.  The return on investment is self-evident.

Join the smartphone video revolution and take your Personal Trainer business to the next level with our iDEC Personal Trainer course that is specifically tailored to your industry.

To get the most out of this iDEC course you will need a couple of  smartphone apps and a basic iDEC kit.

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