iDEC® for the Jewellery Industry

iDEC for Jewellers

iDEC® for the Jewellery Industry has been produced in conjunction with the Goldsmiths’ Centre and is aimed specifically at jewellers and makers.  The course is delivered as a series of ten modules that take the learner through all aspects of video production showing how regular, professional content can enhance your business.

This course will teach you all about  the four pillars of iDEC® which stands for individual, director, editor, camera-person.  You will learn how to use you smartphone as a camera, how to edit your videos as well as how to construct and structure your videos to tell stories. There is also a section on photographing your work.

To get the most out of this iDEC® course you will need a couple of  smartphone apps and a basic iDEC® kit.

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For more information on the course visit the Goldsmiths’ Centre website.