Our E-Learning iDEC® Course

Our CPD accredited e-learning iDEC® course is delivered over ten modules that take you through all aspects of video production.  The course is designed to be taken in your own time, at your own pace.  There are regular assessment points, quizzes to test your learning and plenty of industry insider tips to make sure you get the most from the iDEC® training method.

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“ I thought it was perfect, and I’m pretty certain it is the best work-related course I have ever attended. ”

Lance Boyd
iDEC E-Learning

iDEC E-learning Course pricing structure

Number of courses purchased


75000£inc VAT
  • Full price

2 to 5

71250£inc VAT
  • 5% discount

6 to 10

67500£inc VAT
  • 10% discount

11 to 20

63750£inc VAT
  • 15% discount

21 to 50

60000£inc VAT
  • 20% discount

To get the most out of this iDEC® course you will need a couple of  smartphone apps and a basic iDEC® kit. See our recommendations.